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Make history with Alpha Phi at Ole Miss! Alpha Phi's enjoy sisterhood activities, service and philanthropy events, social events and enriching leadership opportunities! Membership not only means a chance to find a home at Ole Miss, but it also places you in one of the oldest and largest NPC sororities. Established in 1872, Alpha Phi has 170 collegiate chapters in North America and more than 222,000 members!

About Us

Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement. This women’s fraternity enhances and promotes each member's development and learning by focusing on sisterhood, service, scholarship, leadership, loyalty and character development.

Where can I find Alpha Phi chapters?

Alpha Phi is one of the largest women’s fraternal organizations in the world, with over 222,000 initiated members and 169 collegiate chapters. Find a chapter near you using Alpha Phi's chapter locator.

History of Alpha Phi International

Alpha Phi was founded at Syracuse University by ten of the first twenty women admitted to the newly opened university. The Original Ten, the founders of Alpha Phi, were women of courageous vision and pioneering hearts. Pursuing their studies in a male-dominated university, these women yearned for a circle of friends who could sympathize with each other’s troubles and support each other’s ambitions. On September 18, 1872, these ten women initiated themselves into Alpha Phi.
To learn more about our remarkable sorority, please visit the Alpha Phi International website.

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What to Expect

Alpha Phi is one of the oldest and largest Greek organizations. As a member, your daughter will have a chance to voice her own ideas and opinions, as well as learn about the deep history and sisterhood bonds of Alpha Phi. Alpha Phi International Fraternity and the Iota Omega chapter at Ole Miss believe there are many beneficial aspects of being a member of Alpha Phi:
Academics - Our members take academics very seriously, which shows through in our scholarship program. We support your daughter’s vision to excel and to be a leader in and out of the classroom. We hope to foster your daughter’s creativity and drive in all aspects of her collegiate experience.
Commitment - At Alpha Phi, we are committed to your daughter’s membership experience. Our Founders’ vision was to create a women’s organization based on sisterhood, scholarship and service. Today, we still hold these values in all that we do.
Tradition - Alpha Phi was founded by ten women, and when these women were denied entrance into men’s fraternities, they decided to create their own and begin a path of sisterhood and friendship. At Alpha Phi, we uphold the traditions started by these ten remarkable women. While we live in the present, our past traditions bind us all together.
Watchcare - This is a concept that began with our Founders, who bonded together to support each other for mutual growth. Watchcare has three components: the preservation of human dignity, risk management and the development of solid values and ethics to help our members make appropriate decisions. This offers the foundation for our members that hand in hand we will stay safe and grow to meet our highest potential.

Phi-lanthropy & Service


Alpha Phi Foundation

The Alpha Phi Foundation empowers women to be generous givers. We raise and award funds for programs that advance leadership development, encourage academic excellence, improve women’s heart health, support sisters in need and educate about the value of philanthropy. Today Alpha Phis continue to support local and national heart health units through Foundation Grants, monetary donations and community service. Alpha Phis hold our philanthropy very close to our hearts.
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Community Service

Alpha Phis are involved in the local community as well! Each semester, you’ll find Phis volunteering at a variety of organizations and giving back in a number of ways. No matter which organization you choose, Alpha Phis are always there to lend a helping hand.

Heart Health Week

We host an annual heart health week in February. We spread the word about Women’s Heart Health by passing out heart healthy chocolates all week! The week concluded with a profit share night at McAlister’s Deli, where proceeds from the night were donated to the Alpha Phi Foundation.

Mac and Phis

Each fall we host our annual Mac n’ Phis philanthropy event. The event is a huge success with a line out the door consisting of the entire greek community, members of the oxford community, family and friends all waiting for a bite of our delicious mac and cheese.

Red Dress Gala

Iota Omega’s Red Dress Gala is our annual philanthropy event supporting the Alpha Phi Foundation. Not only does the Foundation support research and education critical to promoting heart health all over the world, but it also sponsors leadership conferences, scholarships, assistance grants, and a heritage program for members of Alpha Phi. Each year, we look forward to hosting a night of dancing, eating, and bidding on silent auction items to support a cause near and dear to all of our hearts!


Alpha Phi recognizes the importance of developing leadership skills in our members, which is why we are proud to offer so many leadership opportunities. Ole Miss Alpha Phi officers will receive training at our annual Leadership Conference where they are able to meet other Alpha Phi officers from across the country! Alpha Phi also gives all members the tools to be active followers and to cultivate a positive leadership environment through our Chapter Leadership Development (CLD) Program.
There’s also an opportunity to attend Alpha Phi’s Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI). This is a five-day intensive training program for freshmen and sophomore women to help them define their voice, identify their leadership skills and abilities and learn how to impact their chapter and community. For our outstanding upperclassmen, Alpha Phi hosts an International Leadership Fellows Program to enhance members’ professional potential through their Alpha Phi experience.



Alpha Phi is looking for strong leaders that are dedicated to being great members of our organization. Joining Alpha Phi allows new members to form bonds and create memories that will last a lifetime. The fun, friendships, and incredible feeling of sisterhood within Alpha Phi begin on Bid Day!

As a member of Alpha Phi, you join a worldwide network of over 225,000 sisters! Alpha Phis are leaders, scholars, and contributors to both their sisterhood and society as a whole. Joining this organization means a lifetime of membership to a community that values these traits.

2019 Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment Information

  • Recruitment Dates: September 22-29, 2019

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation may be submitted via mail or email.

To mail a recommendation form, please download the form and send it to:

Alpha Phi-PMB #9465
115 Northgate Drive Ste. 112
University, MS 38677

To email the recommendation form, please email the form to

Please submit a picture, resume and one letter of recommendation. If you need assistance securing a recommendation for Alpha Phi, please contact Darcel Weller at

A Message from your Vice President of Membership Recruitment

Hello ladies! It is my pleasure to speak on behalf of not only myself, but the Iota Omega chapter here at Ole Miss to share with you our excitement to meet each and every one of you this Fall during Formal Recruitment. We can not wait to add new sisters into our family to help Alpha Phi continue to grow into the loving place that it is. We are thrilled to share with you our values of sisterhood, leadership, scholarship, loyalty, character, and service and the true meaning of being an Alpha Phi.

My time in Alpha Phi has exceeded every expectation I ever had when joining a sorority, and I have truly found my home away from home. Everyday I am amazed by the love, support, and commitment all of my sisters have for each other. Not only has Alpha Phi given me an amazing sisterhood, but also endless opportunities of leadership and philanthropy. To live the life of an Alpha Phi has been such an honor, and I am so proud to serve my sisters as this year's Vice President of Recruitment.

I urge you to come along and join the journey! Alpha Phi has been working very hard to make sure that you find your home in the Greek community through formal recruitment. Recruitment is an amazing chance to find a group of women that that will support you, encourage you, and surround you with unconditional love. My advice for you as you start your recruitment process is to always remember to keep an open mind, be yourself, stay true to your heart, and you will find your home.

We cannot wait to meet all of you so soon and I wish you the very best through this year’s formal recruitment!

Love & AOE,
Anna Kirk Presley
Vice President of Recruitment of Alpha Phi, Iota Omega Chapter
The University of Mississippi


Scholarship is one of the most important values of Alpha Phi. Ole Miss Alpha Phis not only excel in the classroom individually, but as a chapter, we strive to maintain a high GPA. Our goal is to help each member reach their fullest academic potential in a supportive and rewarding way.


Sisterhood & Social

Alpha Phi sisterhood is a unique and everlasting bond that is the foundation from which our chapter is built. To become a member of Alpha Phi, is to be apart of truly exceptional friendships that last far beyond your college experience. At the university of Mississippi, our chapter organizes many events throughout the year to strengthen this unique bond. From outings like sporting games and shopping events, to relaxing nights with our sisters such as movie marathons or holiday decorating, alpha phis love cherishing every precious moment spent together.

Big Sister/Little Sister

Every week during each member's first month in Alpha Phi, they are paired with other members. Throughout these weeks, the new members spend time with their "Ivy Linkers" and get to know them better. Then, each new member is placed into a “Phi Family" which includes a Big sister and Little sister. The Phi Families then spend a whole week secretly showering their “Littles” with presents: homemade room decorations, candy and much more. At the end of the week, Big-Little reveal takes place and we celebrate the new Phi families.

Social Events

Alpha Phis have swaps and date parties that involve themes and tons of fun. There’s no doubt you’ll have an awesome time dressing up for a themed social event, dancing to your favorite tunes and mingling with your friends.


Alpha Phi formals are the most exciting time of the year! Twice a year Alpha Phis gather for semi-formal and formal events. Formals involve fantastic food, great laughs and are a memorable night out on the town to show off the classy and beautiful Alpha Phis. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your sisters!


Joining our organization means that you will always have a home in Alpha Phi well beyond active membership. It is never too early or too late to be involved with your chapter of Alpha Phi!




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